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Recovery from opiate addiction is as close as a phone call when you seek help from our drug addiction treatment center. If you’ve reached the point that each day seems like a battle between your pain and your addiction, we’re here to help you get your life back. In our supportive environment, you’ll be cleansed by a thorough opiate detox before advancing to comprehensive counseling and pain management therapy. Our caring staff will help you understand the causes of opiate addiction and help you find healthy solutions to chronic pain.

Anyone can become addicted to prescription pain medications and other opiate drugs. Addiction may start with a car accident, a work-related incident or a sports injury that causes ongoing pain long after you’ve been treated. Before long, your chronic pain and the medications you take stay comfortable affect your quality of life, your performance at work and your relationships with family and friends.

To make matters worse, the opiate medications that many doctors prescribe are among the most addictive substances available. Anyone who takes opiate substances, either with or without a prescription, is vulnerable to the effects of these powerful drugs. Although not everyone who takes opiates to control pain becomes addicted, many people find themselves trapped in a cycle of chronic pain and addiction that soon leads to hopelessness and despair.

We understand that recovering from opiate addiction, no matter what the cause, requires intensive, personalized pain management. As you recover at our drug addiction treatment center with the help of our compassionate, attentive staff, you will receive treatment to help you manage pain, so that you can lead a healthy, fulfilling life free from the burden of addiction.

Opiate detox isn’t easy on your body or mind, and no one should have to go through this process without medical supervision. At our drug addiction treatment center, you will receive care from qualified, highly trained medical personnel, counselors and therapists as you recover from your addiction. Once you’ve successfully completed opiate detox, you’ll learn how to manage your pain using a combination of therapies that will leave you feeling stronger and healthier than ever.

A comprehensive pain management program involves treatments and medications that can help you control your pain without compromising your health. Instead of taking addictive substances to cope with your pain, you’ll learn how to manage physical discomfort safely and effectively. As part of your opiate detox, we’ll help you set goals for recovery and give you the full-time support you need to reach those objectives.

Addiction can rob you of your family, your job, your strength and your love for life. Our acclaimed opiate detox, counseling and pain management services have restored hope and health to our clients. Reach out to the caring staff at our drug addiction treatment center for the compassionate treatment you deserve.

Call us today at (888) 818-7157

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